Maritime Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Conference
3 September 2019, Bergen

Maritime Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Conference

Documents and Downloads

Attendees will receive an email containing the passwords to access the conference presentations shortly after the event finishes.  If you didn't attend the conference but would like to purchase the papers please contact Tom Kenny at or on +44 (0) 7432 156 339.


Edwin Lampert - Riviera Maritime Media - Introduction

Ralf Zimmermann - Joint Mass Spectrometry Centre

Kjeld Aabo - MAN

Victor Shum - IHS Markit

Goran Fransson - Baltec Marine

Stephanie Lavelle - CTG

Kenneth Johansen - LiqTech

Daniel Evans - AW Ship Management

Jackson Davis - Gulf Marine

Prapisala Thepsithar - Nanyang Technological University

Chris Chatterton - Methanol Institute


Nicklas Gillberg - Consilium

Francesco Di Natale - DICMaPI


Mark West - SMS

Anders Skibdal - PureteQ

Patrice Flot - CMR Group

Nicholas Confuorto - CR Ocean Engineering

Felix Joller - Sigrist


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